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My name is István Fazekas, i was born on the 12th of March in 1976 in Budapest. I work as an entrepreneur. Since my childhood i was interested in pigeons, my first pigeons were rollers, this time i was 8 years old. I got to know post pigeons later, started competing with them from 2001 by the encouragement of my friend. The beginning wasn't easy. I had to shrinken my pigeon house because post pigeons demand peace to have the best performance. The first pigeons in my herd came from my fellow athletes. Unfortunately, I haven’t achieved much with these pigeons. Of course it was also because of my lack of experience. After that i bought pigeons from famous Hungarian breeders. In 2004 i went to a pigeon-acquisition trip to Belgium and to the Netherlands. I had the chance to get hold of Van Loon , Janssen, Van Roy and Karel Schellens pigeons. I started breeding with these kind of pigeons. Success didn’t need much time, the pigeons started to perform better.

During my breeding I favored line breeding (I pair the good ones with each other). I don’t consider the origin of pigeons the most important, because it’s not always the expected what I get. I always try to find specimens that can be bred, not the most powerful pigeons or their descendants are the best heirs. That’s why they call these birds flying crossword puzzles. In 2010 I successfully got hold of a Gaby Vandenabeele male Super Gaby’s son) and his immediate daughter. For the existing herd these two birds meant a perfect blood refresh.

In 2013, I also made great progress in my entrepreneurial life, as a result of this, unfortunately i had to neglect this beautiful sport for a while. From 2020, i will concentrate on racing again with full focus.

My results

  • 2007: district mid-range: 1st and 4th place
  • 2008: general team championship: mid-range 3rd place: long-range 4th place: 2nd place
  • 2010: mid-range team championship: short-range 3rd place: 8th place
  • 2011: member league general team championship: short-range 3rd place: mid-range 4th place: 5th place
  • 2012: member league mid-term team championship: short-range 2nd place: general 5th place: 8th place
  • The individual results of the pigeons per journey can be found on the pedigrees.

We were in Arendon in 2004 at the famous Janssen pigeonry. With Louis Janssen in the picture

Arendonk area

With Mr. Ludo in 2004, with Karel Schellens pigeons